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The Australian and New Zealand Association (ANZA) is the arrival destination that offers ongoing support in the areas of social events, career and social responsibility since 1948.

For over two years I worked as the Editor of ANZA (Australian and New Zealand Association) Magazine. I was responsible for a monthly 80-page lifestyle magazine aimed at expatriates and residents living in Singapore, writing and editing articles, sourcing contributing writers and articles, as well as arranging and sub-editing copy.

I also oversaw the website content, driving traffic growth through quality content and Search Engine Optimisation, ensuring that ANZA’s editorial policy was followed and that the magazine was produced and distributed to specific deadlines.

During my time with the magazine I helped increase size of magazine from 64 pages to 80, keeping a consistent 70-30% content-to-advertising ratio.

Part of the role included growing relationships with local and global PR and marketing agencies to expand editorial and advertising opportunities.

The role also involved being the editorial manager for all content online and at our events. This included building and maintaining an updated style guide throughout all channels, including branding at major ANZA events.


My work at ANZA involved creating stories surrounding the country of Singapore, from interviews with local artists and gamechangers, but also highlighting the wonders that one can experience.


Some of the highlights of my time at ANZA were meeting with people who have inspired change in Singapore, and were passionate in bringing the city-slash-country to the worldwide stage.


All sorts of talented people live and travel through Singapore, and I had the lucky fortune to meet a whole lot of them. Some came to our attention last-minute, some we knew were coming and had a bit more time to prepare.


No matter who the subject was, it’s my rule to ensure I’ve done my research – asking questions that don’t cause that eye-roll from the interviewee. A lot of those we interviewed were passing talent coming through or making appearances in town. Big Australian sports figures from AFL, Sevens and Rugby Union to Manchester United players trying to rally new fans. Actors and musicians who had grandiose musicals and small theatre plays to perform. Environmentalists, scientists and game-changers who were keen to inspire Singapore to do bigger, better things.

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