Grow Up: Life Lessons Away From Home

A travel narrative written by me to encourage those contemplating solo travelling to go forth and become a better person. I was never granted a book to guide me through the peculiar things when backpacking, and I hope my mistakes can be guidance for anyone out there willing to give travel a shot.

Browse through the book with Amazon’s ‘Look Inside’ feature. Grow Up was available in paperback and ebook format. I’ve since made the ebook for free, so if you’d like a copy of the ebook, just let me know. You can try to find pre-loved paperback copies via Amazon and Book Depository.

Grow Up

Most travel books will be quick to point out that the best way to stay dry while travelling is to carry a compact, quick-drying Microfibre towel.

But not one book has ever given advice on how to mentally deal with a potential underwear thief in a hostel – who also happens to fancy you.

Taking notes from the three heroes in my life as guides towards becoming a better person, I left a world of grey offices to take the much anticipated solo backpacking pilgrimage. With an overstuffed backpack and a round-the-world ticket, I left home on my own to search for the amazing experiences, wild antics and crazy backpacking parties that countless books, online videos and travel guides preached about.

There were three life-changing lessons I wanted to experience to grow up: To learn, to love, and to live.

Instead, I manage to save a little money by taking a 60-hour long Greyhound bus through the Canadian Prairies sitting next to a convicted felon, blindly follow a woman around Europe for the promise of an all-inclusive ‘romantic getaway’, and learn that the best way to avoid sleeping in a smelly, 20-person dorm room is to seduce someone with a hotel room in order to sleep in their bed.

Of course, the journey of personal growth comes with learning through experience. No one could have ever prepared for these life lessons. Does solo travel open us up to new experiences, or just frighten us?

This is the kind of stuff that travel guides seem to have forgotten to explain.

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