Jagex’s Transformers Universe is a cancelled free-to-play browser-based massively online tactical action game, or MOTA.

I was in charge of the planning, management and execution of key traditional, digital and performance marketing initiatives for Jagex’s upcoming free-to-play online game Transformers Universe.

I worked with the Brand Director to lead and support planning, management and execution of key marketing initiatives, manage internal and external events (Gamescom, iSeries Insomnia Gaming Festival, MCM Comic Con, 24-hour livestream), and ran competitions for the Transformers Universe community.

Liaising with community, PR, creative, development, finance and legal teams to ensure buy in and execution of all marketing plans, I also managed a small team for all upcoming marketing and community campaigns, ensuring projects reached deadlines.

During this role I was exposed not only to various marketing tasks, such as the event calendar of campaigns leading up to the launch of the game, but also a number of different tasks which required liaising between different departments internally, as well as our partner, Hasbro.

We worked with traditional publications for exposure, amassing new and eager players for the closed and eventually open beta, running a highly ambitious competition during open beta with cash prizes, and speaking at game conferences and online on Twitch stage streams. Working with internal teams and their deadlines, worries and daily challenges with players was a rewarding experience.

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