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Wired UK is a monthly magazine reporting on the latest in science and technology – covering a range of topics including design, architecture and culture.

Joining the team to create content for the upcoming WIRED events, I created interviews, news posts and contributed to the design of the events page. Working with editorial to keep consistency of the brand, I ensured adequate content and coverage from a commercial point of view.

My role was to create interest in WIRED UK’s flagship events (WIRED 2014, WIRED Next Generation, WIRED Retail) by creating a content and social media strategy that didn’t go against WIRED UK’s editorial tone-of-voice.

WIRED2014 was WIRED’s flagship event held at London’s Tobacco Dock, with two days of thought provoking, disruptive and radical ideas and networking with like-minded people.

Part of my role was to create web-exclusive interviews for and the separate WIRED Events page – introducing the speakers of the event and demonstrating the value of attending a WIRED Event.

Read my interview with Skylar Tibbits: ‘MIT lab develops programmable shape-shifting carbon fibre

Later on I joined WIRED Consulting – the brand’s own consulting firm – to help redesign the branding and messaging for the websites of one of its event partners, Valtech.

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